Sharon Maister
Keith Melanson (SWORN)

Real Estate Resources For Law Enforcement

Code 4 Real Estate Resources was formed by Law Enforcement, for Law Enforcement. It is owned and operated by sworn personnel and resourced out to licensed real estate professionals who have over 25 years of experience working in all aspects of the Real Estate Industry.

We know that people do business with people they trust, who better to trust with your transaction than a fellow sworn..... We are committed to establishing a life long relationship with you that is earned through dedication and hard work.

We know how hard you work to be able to earn the home of your dreams and we work equally hard to make that dream a reality.

Saving you Money

We have been able to save fellow Law Enforcement Officers thousands of dollars simply by educating them about ancillary services and the "back end" fees that come with every transaction. For example even though a home buyer/seller chooses their Real Estate Agent, they’re almost never given the option to choose the TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY, ESCROW COMPANY, TERMITE COMPANY, INSPECTION COMPANY etc…

Every company has a different fee and a lot of times even that fee can be negotiated.

As Law Enforcement Officers we all know that "Knowledge is Power!"

So whether you are BUYING, SELLING or REFINANCING... Code 4 has the knowledge and resources to be the Real Estate Resource for COPS!

Call, text or email us now with ANY questions!